The misophoniashop.com website was created on September 20th, 2015, by Paul N. Dion, who has had personal involvement with misophonia for several decades. Paul has a background in occupational therapy and social work with over 17 years of experience working in developmental disabilities and mental health settings. Paul is also responsible for the misophonia.com website that provides general resources and information about misophonia and is admin of the Misophonia Support Facebook Group, an active Facebook group with over 24,000 members.

In the year 2000, Paul started Innovative Incentives, Inc., an incentive travel company that has provided large corporations with vacation awards to motivate sales teams and other key personnel. Over the years, Innovative Incentives has served medical technology giants such as Boston Scientific (several divisions), Straumann, and Smith & Nephew as well as numerous other businesses including CBS Radio (WBCN/WXLO Boston), Papa Gino’s/D’Angelo, and Piccadilly Pubs.

interview with Paul N. Dion
Being interviewed for the Quiet Please… documentary

Paul enjoys writing music, playing the keyboard, working with computers, and spends much of his time in his art studio. He also likes exploring his property on his four-wheeler. Living in a small New England town of around 5,000 people, Paul is comfortable with the solitude and quiet of his woodland home and doesn’t mind not being able to see (or hear) his distant neighbors. Among his favorite things to do is to spend time with his husband and their two daughters and grandchildren.

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