Awareness Boutique

Welcome to the Awareness Boutique! Browse my collection of items designed to promote misophonia awareness. Help get the word out about misophonia and support awareness projects with your purchases. All profits go towards awareness projects. To see where the money goes, click here.

deluxe blue and white wrist bands

Deluxe Wrist Band (dual color bands)

Everybody loves wrist bands! These misophonia bracelets can be an ice-breaker and the springboard to a discussion about misophonia. The message they have isn’t just printed, it comes as white letters debossed into Navy Blue or blue letters debossed into White Wrist Bands. Your choice.


Choose your color:

Awareness of Misophonia BraceletAwareness of Misophonia Bracelet

Misophonia Wrist Band

Looking for a standard wrist band? Here they are. These bands are Navy Blue with white printed lettering. Bands say: “Misophonia Awareness.”


wristband keychain
What’s better than a wrist band? A wrist-band keychain! This is the same wrist band as above but it’s been converted into a keychain.

Wrist Band Keychain



Coffee Mug

Misophonia Awareness in the morning! Wake up to a fresh cup of coffee and a reminder to help spread awareness of misophonia today. Standard size white ceramic mug.


misophonia courtesy cardscourtesy cards awareness of misophonia

Courtesy Cards Design One

Maybe you don’t have to keep listening to that sound! Why not make a request of someone to help you be more comfortable? Some people are glad to stop doing something they know is bothering someone else. At the very least, they will have been introduced to misophonia and maybe they’ll have some questions you could answer for them.

These cards come in packs of 25 cards (front and back of cards shown)



Courtesy Cards Design Two

Here is another courtesy card – wording updated July 7, 2016. Just like design one, they’re a good introduction to misophonia. When the QR Code on the back is scanned, it links to the website.

These cards come in packs of 25 cards (front and back of cards shown)


misophonia awareness embroidered baseball cap

Misophonia Baseball Cap

Wear a misophonia awareness hat that people are going to notice. This hat is embroidered with a logo and is adjustable.


misophonia woman's t-shirtmisophonia woman's t-shirt

Woman’s Misophonia Awareness T-Shirt

Do you need a new t-shirt? Here’s a woman’s t-shirt with the official misophonia awareness logo. This t-shirt comes in size large only.



men's t-shirt misophonia awarenessmen's t-shirt misophonia awareness

Misophonia Awareness T-Shirt

This t-shirt comes in medium and large and lets people know you support misophonia awareness.



no gum t-shirtmen's t-shirt misophonia awareness

“NO, I do NOT have any gum!” T-Shirt

(size large)

This novelty t-shirt could help keep your environment gum-free. Well, maybe. Someone is probably going to ask you what this t-shirt means and that could be a great way to begin a dialogue about misophonia.


misophonia awareness mousepad

Misophonia Awareness Mouse Pad

Standard Size

Everyone needs a mouse pad so why not get the conversation rolling with this trigger-laden mouse pad? Just don’t read it. It even has a place for you to write in one or two personal triggers that weren’t already mentioned.



Misophonia Awareness Pen

A ball point pen that writes with black ink. Use it or give it to someone as a sign of support or to say “I care” to someone you know who has misophonia.



misophonia awareness sticky note pad

Misophonia Awareness Sticky Notes

Write your next note or reminder with a built-in message: Support Misophonia Awareness! (50-sheets/pad)


misophonia awareness door hanger

Door Hanger

A novelty door hanger that let’s people know the rules once they enter the room! If you like, you could highlight or circle the most important sounds people need to keep in mind.